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Prodigy Quilter P2412


Thank you for your inquiry of the Prodigy Longarm Quilter.  You will be very excited when you get to see and feel the Prodigy in action.  It is without doubt the best Longarm Quilter available today.  It is easy to use, easily upgradeable with any future accessories we may invent and fully programmable with update software we send you over the internet.  It is built to industrial machine standards using motor grade bearings, ¾” drive shafts, anodized aluminum frame, and an oil less needle bar and presser bar.  The stitch regulation is practically perfect and is built by the inventor of the Stitch Regulator.  Who better to build a Longarm?  Thanks again and please contact us.

Some of our features:

 Stitch Regulated P2412 Prodigy Quilter

 This is a P2412 Stitch Regulated Prodigy Quilter on an Advanced Table.  Isn’t she beautiful?

 Head Size: The sewing head is 24” x 12”.  Sewing area is 22”.

Absolutely Perfect Stitch Control: No matter how fast or slow, within the speed range of the sewing machine, when the head is moved the stitch will remain the same.  There are no long or short stitches starting out or ending.

Automatic Basting: Set baste options, Example: 1 stitch every 4 inches.  As the head is moved, the machine will make one stitch every 4 inches.  This is fully programmable by you.

Needle Position:  Set needle position to stop up or down.

Movable LCD Display:  Hand-held display shows machine setting and enables you to change the settings.  This is movable so you can view or change setting from the front of the back of the machine.

Handle Bars:  Ergonomically shaped handle bars with rubber isolated grips minimize vibration and have trigger switches to prevent hand fatigue.

All Stitch, Roller, and Laser Controls on Handle Bars:  Do one stitch, begin stitching, needle-up, needle-down, and lock the stitches, all from the handles.  Also, roll the quilt forward and back and raise the take-up roller so that it clears the bed of the machine.  Turn the laser on or off.  All features are present on the front and back handles.

Detachable Laser Alignment Tool:  Laser moves pretty much anywhere on the head for your convenience.  Laser is certified to meet the FDA requirements.

Black and White Light:  Special designed lamp houses both black and white light.

Clear Field of View:  From the front of the machine, the whole quilt top is visible.  You can always see where you want to quilt.  We have more visibility than other machine.

Head Made from Precision Extruded Aluminum:  Anodized aluminum head is light, extremely strong and durable.  It is precisely machined using CNC (computerized) machining centers to ensure accuracy.  It is light weight, yet strong to resist bending, flexing and drooping.  Being aluminum, it is rust proof.  Being anodized and not painted, no ugly paint chips are possible.

Precision Delrin Wheels & Steel Tracks:  Machine head moves almost effortlessly, often copied but never duplicated!

Oil-less Needle Bar and Presser Bar:  Ceramic coated aluminum needs no oil.  No oil will drip on your quilt top.  The clear cover on the front of the machine shows the take up lever mechanism.  There are 5 places to oil the take up lever mechanism, and hook need a couple drops once in a while.

Three Bearing in the Needle Bar:  Keeps the needle bar from flexing, insuring so skipped stitches.  This is exclusive to the Prodigy.

¾” Drive Shafts:  Eliminates vibration and whip, and is electronically balanced.  Machine is very smooth.  Heavy duty greaseless / oil less ball bearings on top and bottom of drive shaft.

Timing-Belt Drive:  Runs quietly while keeping the machine in perfect time.  Eliminates noise and vibration.

Rotary Tension and Pre-Tension:  Precise thread control with any type of thread.

¼”Foot and Expanded Bed:  Use a ruler of plastic template to sew ¼” away from an edge.  Sew all around the foot.  The extended bed (used for rulers) is spring loaded, and pops on and off.

Electronics:  We can download new software to you and control computer, located on the machine.  Free software updates are available via the internet or we can send them to you in email.  The onboard computer system is fully programmable for future inventions and upgrades.  It has the capability of interfacing to a home computer or internet via an Ethernet connection and a serial connection.  The sky is the limit when it comes to the future.  We listen to our Prodigy owners and have incorporated many of their ideas in our control system.  That is why we are simply the best!!

Installation and Training:  Your Prodigy Stitch Regulated Quilter is delivered and set up by our trained dealers or factory reps.  Although they will not teach you to quilt, they will show you how to load a quilt, go through all the features of the quilter, and teach you to time the machine, service the machine and operate the machine.

Prodigy advanced quilting table

 Construction:  The table is constructed of extruded aluminum structure that is anodized for scratch resistance.  It is precisely manufactured using computerized machinery to ensure accuracy.  It is light weight, yet strong to resist bending and drooping.  Being aluminum, it is rust proof.  Being anodized and not painted, no ugly paint chips are possible.

Hydraulic Legs:  Adjust the table to a comfortable working height by raising or lowering it, up to 12”, using the crank in the back of the table.  Electric motor lift is optional.  The feet have large rubber cushions to soak up noise or vibration and to protect your floor.  Wheels for the legs are included, so the machine can be moved when not is use.

Electric Take-up Roll:  The take-up roll (inside the head) can be advanced from the handle bars.  No more aggravation from having to walk to the end of your table to flip a ratchet, only to pinch your fingers.

Electric Take-up Roll Lifts:  Raise your take-up roller from the handle bars.  Here again, no more walking to the end of the table.

 Caster Wheels:  Move the whole machine easily on 4” diameter large rubber swivel wheels.  This is helpful when your room is not wide enough to set your machine to sew from the front and the back.

Sit-down Quilting:  The table will accommodate sitting when it is at its lowest point.

Large Working Area:  Our table has a quilting area of 22” from front to back.  The sewing area from side to side is 18” shorter than the length of the table, ie a 12 foot table allows 126” of quilting.  Because of the special design of our head carriage, we have the largest quilting area of any other machine table the same length.

Custom Table Length:  Industrial grade extruded aluminum table is stable with no flexing, and comes in 6’-8’-10’-12’-14’ lengths.   There is an added $425 charge for a 14’ table because we add an extra leg in the middle for rigidity.

Laminated Table Top:  Top is durable and cleans easily.  A plastic grid is fastened to the top to hold patterns.  Clear tops are available for an extra charge.

2” Heavy Duty Fabric Rollers:  Flexing and bowing is reduced due to thick wall of the anodized aluminum tubing.

Fabric Rollers on Adjustable Friction Locks:  Turn the roller by hand from anywhere, saves a lot of walking.  No aggravating ratchets.

Top Fabric Roller Lifts:  Raise one end or both ends to adjust batting or remove unwanted threads.  Roller lifts with some help from 2 hydraulic springs.  When you’re finished just push it back down and it stays.

Diagonal and Circle Tools:  Diagonal and Circle tool fastens into the channel on the back of the table.  Make the perfect circles, and crosshatching.

Velcro or Zipper leaders are available for an extra cost


Shipping is additional cost and will vary depending on location.

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